The New York Genome Center is a research institution comprised of scientists, academia, and top tier medical hospitals. This non-profit's primary focus is the development of actionable research with regard to a wide range of genetic topics. When we started elements were a minimum as they had a logo and a brand new building. From there we developed a cohesive corporate identity and brand position that allows the institution to grow in a number of different directions. As a not for profit genomic research institution. It is imperative that they speak to a number of different continuances that span the scientific and research community, philanthropy, public outreach, and public policy. Aside from developing the foundation for the center's identity and corporate communications, we addressed extremely complex communication issues designing and developing a new website and user interface. At the same time, awareness and engagement was driven through an outward facing awareness campaign and the increased engagement within the institution's social media channels. Awareness was driven and increased through an outward facing campaign allowing new messaging and allowing engagement was made within the institution's social media channels.