There are other sides to the HPE story. Yes, the engineers seem to get all the shine - but it's the people that bring in that work that allows HPE to work on and solve some of the most complex technological problems across the globe. After the the company split from Hewlett-Packard, not only did we have to communicate to world and customers what that exactly entailed, but also to any perspective employees. After conducting numerous interviews. We soon realized that "sales" might be in the job description, but in reality they are an integral part in solving solutions. We also began to question if there actually might be another category for the TYPE-A personality; for someone that intrinsically driven by engagement in solving problems. Substitute out the personal and add in technology (in this case). The message came to the surface shortly thereafter - It's not a job, it's a career. The sales team at HPE took such an immense amount of pride and excitement for helping business' bring their ideas to life. That we built a mini web-series, a traditional 30 second spot, and incorporated print ads and social media activations for good measure. This campaign was used to engage potential employees across the country on college campuses and through traditional recruiting methods.